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Chinese physicist Dr Chen Yue, working at the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST), talks about his research on RF resonant cavity thrusters, soon to b.. According to their informant, China already has an EM Drive on board its version of the International Space Station, the space laboratory Tiangong-2. We do know from previous papers that Chinese researchers have at least constructed an EM Drive and have been studying it for more than five years now China announces that it's already testing the EmDrive, a completely electric space engine, out in space, and has big plans for the tech

It appears to show an interview with Dr Chen Yue, one of China's leading researchers working on the EmDrive, and other engineers at the China Academy of Space Technology About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The EmDrive doesn't just violate our fundamental understanding of the universe; the experiments that claim to measure an effect haven't been replicated. When it comes to the EmDrive, keep dreaming info@drive-china.com +86 28 6397 6622. www.drive-china.com. No.2-6, Gaoshengqiao East Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. + 86 1910269 511

Was the EmDrive a scam? This has been my opinion from the beginning. It often difficult to distinguish between self-deception and deliberate fraud. The best scam-artists believe their own bs. Roger Shawyer seems convinced and he's made something o.. The EM drive, if proven successful, would be one of the greatest inventions of all time. China's Moon Rocks, Antikythera Revelations, Creality Vs Octoprint, And RC Starshi In December 2016, Yue Chen told a reporter at China's Science and Technology Daily that his team was testing an EmDrive in orbit, and that they had been funding research in the area for five years. Chen noted that their prototype's thrust was at the micronewton to millinewton level, which would have to be scaled up to at least 100-1000 millinewtons for a chance of conclusive experimental results

Propellantless propulsion: The Chinese EmDrive by CAST

  1. Has China cracked Nasa's 'impossible engine'? Propaganda video claims scientists have a working version of the fuel-free EmDrive that could take humans to Mars in just 10 week
  2. The EM Drive was invented by Roger Shawyer around the turn of the century, and involves a large, tapered metal cylinder that's closed at both ends. Microwaves are generated inside the cylinder and.
  3. Extra News 030 - Nesta edição: - Chineses surpreendem a comunidade científica, ao revelar testes com o EmDrive no espaço, O EmDrive é um motor que quebra as.
  4. EmDrive: China's radical new space drive. By David Hambling. 06 Feb 2013. By David Hambling. Wednesday 6 February 2013. Scientists in China have built and tested a radical new space drive.
  5. China claims it's already started testing an EM Drive in space [link] Let's look at the caveats for a moment, as expressed by Fiona MacDonald in the second article's opening five paragraphs: The whole world got excited last month when NASA published the first peer-reviewed paper on the 'impossible' electromagnetic, or EM, Drive, which appears to somehow defy physics by producing.
  6. Conosciuto anche come propulsore a cavità risonante a radiofrequenza, l'EMDrive è una delle tecnologie più promettenti, almeno a livello teorico, per il futuro del volo spaziale. Reso celebre da alcune serie TV infatti il nuovo sistema di propulsione sarebbe in grado di generare spinta praticamente dal nulla sebbene ciò sia in apparente violazione della terza legge della dinamica

China claims orbital test of EM drive! Confirm - Chaos

China publishes high power test results The prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences has published a paper by Professor Yang Juan confirming their high power test results. At an input power of 2.5kW, their 2.45GHz EmDrive thruster provides 720mN of thrust. The results have clearly been subject to extensive peer review following the NWPU 2010 paper EmDrive, ideato nei primi anni 2000 dall'ingegnere aerospaziale britannico Roger Shawyer, contraddice una delle fondamentali leggi della fisica newtoniana: quella della conservazione della quantità di moto, in base alla quale la quantità di moto in un sistema isolato è costante nel tempo Jess Sponable, formerly a program manager at DARPA in charge of the XS-1 Spaceplane project, says that he maintained an interest in the EmDrive's progress well before China.Although he did not.

EmDrive: China claims success with this 'reactionless

China's space agency has officially confirmed that it has been funding research into the controversial space propulsion technology EmDrive, and that it plans to add the technology to Chinese. The EmDrive is key to the future of space exploration, eliminating the need for a conventional propellant to produce thrust. For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, Newton's Third Law states, emphasising the need for propellant in all modes of travel. China claims to have defied that law, producing an EmDrive that produces thrust by bouncing microwaves around in. More than 20 years after its introduction, the EmDrive is still being tested in labs around the world, including DARRA. But the controversial thruster's do-or-die moment is quickly approaching

For those who believe the air is heating and causing air balloon effect watch the next test in upside down showing contrary. In this test i was able to measu.. Development. Feasibility Study Demonstrator Engine Dynamic Tests. Flight Programme. The first phase of a Flight Thruster development programme has been completed

Chinese Media Appear To Show Their Impossible EmDrive

  1. ently. The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), a subsidiary of the Chinese Aerospac
  2. L'agenzia spaziale americana ha finalmente pubblicato l'atteso lavoro scientifico su EmDrive, il motore impossibile. Ecco dettagli e perplessit
  3. China Claims Its Made the Impossible EmDrive Possible. But do we have proof? Dom Galeon January 8th 2017. News / Hard Science / China / EmDrive / Tiangong-2. shutterstock. News / China / EmDrive
  4. NASA scientists have purportedly been trying to make the EmDrive a reality, but China now claims to have beaten NASA and pulled off successful testing of the EmDrive on Earth. Furthermore, China.
  5. China has claimed it is in the process of testing an EmDrive in space, a key experiment that could prove whether the controversial thruster works or not
  6. The US Air Force and the Chinese government are presently trialling the controversial EmDrive space propulsion technology on spacecraft, according to sources in the international space industry
  7. The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), however, issued a press release on December 10 (2016) stating that the EM Drive technology had been tested in its laboratories, and was undergoing zero-gravity testing in its Tiangong 2 space station, reports Red Orbit

EmDrive China's Anti-gravity Tech? - YouTub

  1. If China has been looking at this for years & are now testing it on their space station - it tells me something is definitely real about the EM Drive & we are less likely to be looking at a Cold Fusion type situation
  2. China has announced that it is giving a push for research on the controversial space propulsion technology EmDrive which was deemed unworkable by NASA. The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST.
  3. The secret behind the Em Drive's thrust, which is real, may be in the long-discarded pilot wave theory
  4. The satellite would be launched into LEO, where its solar arrays and antennas would be deployed. The EM-drive would then propel the satellite in a spiral trajectory up to GEO in 36 days
  5. EmDrive Development Phases First Generation. Original low thrust technology for in-orbit satellite applications. Reported to be operational in US and China. Second Generation. High thrust, low acceleration, superconducting technology. Space and Marine applications. Under development in UK and US. Third Generation. High thrust
  6. microwave propulsion devices the electromagnetic drive (emdrive). In 2003, he developed the first emdrive. Its diameter is 160mm, and its microwave power consumption is 850W. Using a balance beam method, the obtained actual thrust value was measured at 16mN. In 2006, Roger Shawyer developed a second emdrive

Can the EmDrive actually work for space travel? Spac

DRIVE CHINA-China self drive tours, Trans-China overland

Down the Rabbit Hole: China Developing Anti-Gravity Technology

Chinese scientists have independently proven the EmDrive theory, constructing a similar engine last year and demonstrating that it could generate 720 mN of thrust. Although the work failed to convince many scientists, NASA evaluated their own version of the EmDrive engine, the Cannae drive (designed by Guido Fetta), more recently In orbit testing of EmDrive has been reported by CAST, suggesting commercial use of EmDrive has now been authorised by China. Implies military applications of first generation technology are now operational. Western space assets vulnerable. January 2014 Test drive. The EM drive has been put to the test by a group from TU Dresden in Germany led by Martin Tajmar, who presented their results at the Aeronautics and Astronautics Association of France. Experts have weighed in, but now we might not have to wait for another test in the Eagleworks lab: China will fly an EM Drive on their space station. Will it work? Who knows

The video talks about China putting up a communication satellite. The English language title talks about EMdrive being tested and propellentless propulsion. EMdrive is a claimed propellentless propulsion system. One of the researchers in the video is Dr. Yue Chen who did make a claim about a successful lab test of an EMdrive system in 2016 The EM Drive has no propellants to blast out, and so technically shouldn't be able to produce thrust. One of the best ways to get to the bottom of all this would be to reduce the effect of variables such as friction and air pressure and test the drive in space - which is why the Chinese government and a US inventor , have all expressed interest in doing just that (and in China's case, may. China has built one. Even NASA has given it a go. They developed a new measuring system to determine if there really is thrust coming out of an EM drive,.

Was the EmDrive a scam? - Quor

Despite the fact that they're still unsure of how it works, NASA scientists have finally confirmed that the seemingly-impossible EmDrive is legit The EmDrive device, as originally displayed by Roger Shawyer's company, SPR Limited. (SPR Limited) A few years ago, an inventor named Roger Shawyer claimed to have invented a working prototype. EmDrive: China's radical new space drive Scientists in China have built and tested a radical new space drive. Although the thrust it produces may not be enough to lift your mobile phone, it looks like it could radically change the satellite industry But what the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) team is saying also corresponds with information provided to IB Times from an anonymous source. According to their informant, China already has an EM Drive on board its version of the International Space Station, the space laboratory Tiangong-2

Em Drive Hackada

This isn't the first time that China has claimed to have made a working EmDrive. Advertisement This causes fluctuations in the object's resting mass, and this effect could be harnessed to create. The Chinese have already confirmed being able to obtain 720mN of thrust using and EM drive. No one took notice, however now NASA is also claiming the technology works, everyone is taking notice. The importance of this technology is far reaching

According to Popular Science, Dr. Chen Yue, Director of Commercial Satellite Technology for the china Academy of Space Technology (CAST), recently announced that China has successfully tested its version of the EM drive in the laboratory. Chen also stated that the technology is currently being tested in space, many presume at the new Tiangong-2 space laboratory The China Academy of Space Technology, a subsidiary of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the manufacturer of the Dong Fang Hong satellites, has held a press conference in Beijing explaining the importance of the EmDrive research and summarising what China is doing to move the technology forward The EM Drive has set in motion somewhat of a new mini-space race between China and the West. Chinese scientists announced last year that they had a successful EM Drive working in space , but doubts were cast on those claims in the West due to no real demonstration of the drive

Video: EmDrive - Wikipedi

The US Air Force and the Chinese government are presently trialling the controversial EmDrive space propulsion technology on spacecraft, according to sources in the international space industry... Re: EM Drive Developments « Reply #15 on: 07/31/2014 06:45 pm » Is it me or did that Wired article do this topic no favours, this stuff is right on the edge of technology and understanding and conflating things like that isn't helping When China has a functioning EM drive that passes peer review I'll believe it. Till then they are now and always have been, full of shit. View Quote. The drive is basically a microwave firing into a sealed chamber, they can most certainly reproduce it. midcap. Member Joined Jul 2011; Posts 28449; EE Offline.

Electromagnetic Propulsion – The Social HumanistXenon-ion engine makes space travel a rhapsody in blue

EMDrive was first created twenty years ago and claimed that a conical copper device bounced magnetic radiation in the chamber to generate propulsion without using fuel. The goal of NLM is to integrate emerging phenomena with fundamental models that can describe and predict new functionality The EmDrive, a hypothetical miracle propulsion system for outer space, has been sparking heated arguments for years.Now, Guido Fetta plans to settle the argument about reactionless space drives. If the EmDrive or something like it works, it would be a huge boon to space exploration. We'd no longer have to haul all our fuel with us, which is a major limitation on how far humans can. In China, the microwave propellant-less drive (EmDrive) was mainly developed by Yang's group in NorthWestern Polytechnic University (of China). In March, in an academic conference, I heard her complaining This is a big pit, fooled. (The rest of warmonkey's post was not translated; mainly was about his own on-line search and comments of EmDrive) An EmDrive with modest performance (0.4 N/kilowatt, a figure used by Nasa in its EmDrive calculations) could get there in less than 18 months, go into orbit around Pluto and take close-ups, or.

Has China cracked Nasa's 'impossible engine'? Daily Mail

The Science Behind the Impossible EM Drive

While EmDrive has been proposed to work in vacuum, both NASA and Chinese experiments work in atmosphere, at ambient atmospheric pressure, though NASA experiments were done both on the bench and within a stainless steel vacuum chamber with the door closed but at ambient atmospheric pressure.[26 Since its invention, the EM drive has shown no signs of quitting, in test after test. Last year, trials by NASA scientists at the Eagleworks lab revealed anomalous thrust signals, and an independent researcher in Germany conceded that the propul..

Chineses surpreendem com teste do EM Drive! O motor

EmDrive: China's radical new space drive (Wired UK) Close. 18. Posted by. u/alecksandros. brain in a vat. 6 years ago. Archived. EmDrive: China's radical new space drive (Wired UK) wired.co.uk/news/a... 13 comments. share. save hide report You have no notifications. Settings WELCOME_INDEX, Bing [Bot] NO_PMS_INF A couple of years ago (or so) this sun became quite reasonable obsessed with the em drive. Since then, it's disappeared under the radar. My understanding was that it was being quite vigorously tested, have there been any reliable results yet The EmDrive was billed as an impossible space drive, seeming too good to be true. Verification is always required, as is the complete elimination of systematic errors Chinese researchers claim they've confirmed the theory behind an impossible space drive, and are proceeding to build a demonstration version. If they're right, this might transform the.

EmDrive: China's radical new space drive WIRED U

Here we go again, with the media going too far with the whole EM Drive (Electro Magnetic Drive). It has the potential to be an exciting prospect, but it cannot do half the things the media are saying.For starters, it is yet to be confirmed that it actually works, it will not get people to Mars within 10 weeks, and it certainly does not break any laws of physics EmDrive: US military research group DARPA want space drive that needs no fuel A SIMPLE copper cone appears to pull propulsion out of nowhere. Now the US is betting $1.4m on this impossible. It's a piece of space tech that sounds almost too good to be true. The reactionless Electromagnetic Drive, or EmDrive for short, is an engine propelled solely by electromagnetic radiation confined in a microwave cavity. Such an engine woul

China Claims to Have Working EmDrive Already in Space. Paul Seaburn December 22, 2016. News Science & Technology Space & Astronomy Leaked NASA Document Confirms EM Drive Engine Actually Works. Brett Tingley November 8, 2016. News Science & Technology Space & Astronomy Patent For Impossible EM Drive Made Public With this, the EmDrive continues to be a puzzling propulsion device yet, still has greater chances than ever when China had claimed it has made a breakthrough in the said space technology

China Testing An EM Drive In Space Shift Frequenc

Daily Galaxy and Physics-Astronomy are talking again about a September 2017 video that has an english title that says China is testing the controversial EMDrive in space. The video talks about China putting up a communication satellite. The English language China claims that it is currently testing the 'impossible' space engine on the Tiangong 2 space station. According to Popular Science, Dr. Chen Yue, Director of Commercial Satellite Technology for the #china Academy of #Space Technology (CAST), recently announced that China has successfully tested its version of the EM drive in the laboratory Theoretical physicists get closer to explaining how NASA's 'impossible' EmDrive works. The EmDrive propulsion system might be able to take us to the stars, but first it must be reconciled.

EmDrive: 'Impossible' Space Propulsion System Starts NewChina’s South China Sea Islands in 2016 and enable
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